We host annual interdiciplinary residencies in Tuscany, Italy. The primary topic of these residencies is to make the intangible visible


Making Aware Residency 2023 | June-July 2023, Tuscany, Italy


How long does a residency last?

The residencies last, on average, one month. 

What happens in the residency?

The residents initially bring an open inquiry that relates to the umbrella topic of the residency (i.e. to make the intangible visible). Through an approach that draws from social design, embodied knowing and awareness-based collective creativity—the residents engage in creating artifacts and interventions. The residency ends with an online and in-place exhibition. 

How many residents participate?

We annually select a group of 15-25 residents.

When does the residency happen?

Annually, around October-November.

What is the background of the residents?

We welcome a diverse set of brackgrounds—in terms of cultural origin as well as creative approaches. We have worked with designers, photographers, film makers, interdisciplinary artists, architects, performers, dancers, activists, technologists, illustrators, etc.