Hands-on exploration through the arts in youth and lifelong learning

Our work as change agents involves integrative thinking and practices that explore the role of intuition, imagination, thinking and creativity in the transformative learning process. We see a strong connection between 'responsibility as responsiveness', an eco-social future and the aesthetic process. Instead of 'objects of attention' we propose the creation of 'instruments of consciousness' for the unfolding of the intangible.

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Studio Atelirista

2023 exhibition* dates
*experiential workshops

09th June 23 | Prato, Italy
9.30-12.30pm, at Monash Prato
24th June 23 | Florence, Italy
10-5pm, at Fontallorso
08th July 23 | Florence, Italy
9.30-12.30pm, at Parc Firenze
22nd July 23 | Prato, Italy
9.30-12.30pm, at Monash Prato
*Show interest by writing to ricardo.dutragoncalves@monash.edu
**Studio Atelierista is created in collaboration with social designer Ricardo Dutra.
***More information about Studio Atelierista coming soon.